Hardware NameChipsetNotesPatches Used32/64bit working with patches


Hardware NameChipsetNotesPatches Used32/64bit workingwithpatches
G31M-S R2.0G31Sleep does not work. Everything else works fine.
System Configuration:
  • Intel Core 2 Quad Q8400
  • 2 x 2GB 800MHz DDR2 RAM
  • Gainward GTX 460 OC 1024MB
  • 2x Western Digital 1TB HDD 7200rpm
MultiBeast settings: EasyBeast, System Utilities, VoodooHDA 0.2.1, Chimera 1.5; Tutorial hereTick.pngTick.png
H61M-VSIntel H61Sleep, Onboard Audio and Integrated Graphics not tested. Everything else works fine.
System Configuration:
  • Pentium G620
  • 2 x 4GB 1333MHz DDR3 (Apacer 78.B1GDE.9LZ0C)
  • Nvidia 8800GT 512MB
  • Intel 320 40GB SSD
  • E-MU 0202 USB Audio Interface
MyHack 2.0 RC4.1, AtherosL1cEthernet.kext, AppleACPIPS2Nub.kext, ApplePS2Controller.kextTick.pngTick.png
asrock-wolfdale 1333-d667 R2.0[1]ICH7System Configuration:
  • Intel Core2Duo @ 1.86 GHz
  • 2x1GB 688MHz Ram
  • Install Method: iATKOS L1 10.7.1 after update whit combo update lion 10.7.2
  • Audio - VIA VT1708S Works!
  • Ethernet - RTL8111DL Works!
  • Intel® Grafics Media Accelerator 950 whit graphic enabler
  • USB - All Work
  • SATA - All Work use IOATAFamilyfix!
  • IDE - Work
  • E-SATA - Untested
  • Shutdown/Reboot work 100% of the time.
  • iATKOS L1 10.7.1 distro with special options VoodooHDA 2.0.1 and RTL81XX
  • DVD-ROM & HDD connected to SATA6G_M9128 PCI-Express SATA addon controller and installed flawlesly.
  • After installation download Multibeast and add the internet drivers for Official Realtek 2.0.6 driver for 81xx Ethernet controllers.
  • also if you have a ps/2 board use a numkey for laptop and you resolve the problem at the start that says before begin please connect a mouse that resolve that problem to resolve the problem whit icloud and app store just download the last version of chimera.


Hardware NameChipsetNotesPatches Used32/64bit working
P8P67 LEP67100% WorkingJust bootloader (Chimera) and audio/LAN kexts.Tick.pngTick.png
P5K Premium/WiFi-APP35/ICH9RSystem Configuration:
  • Intel Q9400 CPU 2.66 GHz @ 3.66 GHz
  • 8400GS (256MB) works fully with GraphicsEnabler=y
  • 2x2GB 800 MHz Ram
  • Install Method: Retail Disk Image boot with myHack, then Apple Software Update to 10.7.1
Components Status:
  • Audio - Built-in untested, but USB HiFis works
  • Ethernet - Works
  • Wireless b/g - Works (See patch column)
  • USB - All Work
  • SATA - All Work
  • IDE - Untested
  • E-SATA - Untested
  • Shutdown/Reboot work 99.9% of the time.
Useful Tools
P5KPL-AM/PSIntel (R) G31Hardware:
  • Intel Pentium Dual-Core E5400 2.70 GHz @3.24 GHz
  • 2x2GB DDR2 RAM Kingston 800 Mhz (Dual-Channel Interleaved mode)
  • WD Cavier Blue 500 GB SATA II Cache 16 MB (No AHCI)
  • Keyboard: MDtech USB Keyboard (Fully Support)
  • Mouse: hardware house USB
  • GPU: inno3d GeForce 9500 GT 1 GB DDR2
  • Monitors : Acer S202HL 1600x900 LED (Main) + PHILIPS 150E 1024x768 LCD
  • BIOS : AMI 0502
  • PSW : 500 W
  • DSDT from DSDTSE + modify to remove all warning (not important)
  • Delete unnecessary,unwant,panic kexts (about 40 kexts)
  • Chameleon 2.1svn r1573 from Chameleon Wizard
  • org.chameleon.Boot.plist ( = UseKernelCache=Yes ,arch=x86_64 ,EthernelBuiltin=Yes ,Generate P&C States ,USB Bus Fix ,VBIOS (I think this stop KERNEL PANIC)
  • Dual-Boot Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit + Mac OSX Lion 10.7.2 GM **(Install Chimera 1.5.4 FIRST and then install chameleon 2.1svn)**
  • smbios.plist --> iMac 11,1 (found the best for pentium dual-core ;) )
  • VoodooHDA.kext (Latest) (Fix noise with Vectorize=Yes (Others boolean like this are Enabled) in info.plist in this kext)
  • Fakesmc.kext from Multibeast 4.0.2
  • NullCpuPowerManagement.kext
  • Lnx2mac RTL81xx kext
  • NvEnabler 64.kext
  • IOPCIFamily.kext 2.6 from 10.6.7 for recognize 4 GB ram
P5KPL-AM/SEIntel (R) G31Hardware:
  • Intel Core 2 Quad Q8400 2.67 GHz @3.40
  • 2x2GB DDR2 RAM Kingston 800 Mhz (Dual-Channel Interleaved mode)
  • Seagate Barracuda 500 GB SATA II Cache 32 MB (No AHCI)
  • Keyboard: Apple USB Keyboard (Old G3)
  • Mouse: Generic USB
  • GPU: NVidia GeForce 9800 GT 1 GB GDDR3 256bits
  • Monitors : Samsung P2470 1920x1080 LCD + Samsung P2470 1920x1080 LCD (very nice)
  • PSW : 500 W DUEX (Generic)
Install Method:
1. Bootcd HMBT LION DP4 with nvenabler or without nvenabler (
2. BaseSystem with Packages on a external Driver or Pendrive
4. Very very very Easy
5. Install Chameleon 2 RC5 r1020 HMBT LION and SNOW
6. Thanks for HMBT (Hackintosh Brasilian Team, the bests)
7. 9800T Graphics Enabler (Full, Dual Display, Full Acelaration)
  • VoodooHDA.kext (
  • Fakesmc.kext
  • RTGMac_v2.0.6
  • NvEnabler 64.kext
  • If you need you can use the package developed by me for layout ABNT2Layout ABNT2
P5KPL-AM EPUP35 + ICH9, BIOS 501Hardware:
  • Intel Core2Duo E6420 CPU 2.13 GHz
  • XFX GT240 512 mb DDR3 works fully
  • 2x2GB 667 MHz Ram
  • BIOS: Store Configuration ATA/IDE Enhanced;Enhanced Mode Support:S-ATA; IDE Detect Time: 35
  • Audio - works with VoodooHDA_261_HP_HDX18 (Output and Inputs) edit Info.plist, replace the key IOPCIClassMatch by IOPCIPrimaryMatch and put the PCI ID of your audio card in string. View:
  • Ethernet - Works from pack Atheros AR8121 AR8113AR 8114
  • USB - All Work
  • IDE - Work
  • ICH9R - Works
Install Method:
  • 1.BootCD: Burn ISO in Cd
  • 2.iAtkos L1 from USB
  • 3. Boot with the comand: npci=0x2000
  • Bootloader: CHIMERA v.1.5.4
  • MacOsxUpp Combo 10.7.2
  • Shutdown/Reboot work 99.9% of the time.
  • Mac App Store WORKS!!!
  • iCloud WORKS!!!
  • Bootloader: Chimera v.1.5.4
  • Graphics Enabler
  • Built-in Ethernet
  • Extra/Extensions
  • FakesMc
  • Disabler
  • EVO Reboot
  • Sound+Ethernet: from download files
Useful Tools

Maximus IV Extreme B3Intel (R) P67System Configuration:
  • Intel i7-2600K CPU
  • 8GB DDR3 RAM 1333Mhz G.Skill Ripjaws X
  • 1 SDD Crucial SATA III
  • 2 HDD Western Digital Black (AHCI)
  • Optical drive: 1 SATA DVD-RW
  • Keyboard: Logitech K800 WirelessUSB (Not fully supported)
  • Mouse: Logitech MX Performance (Full supported with Logitech drivers)
  • GPU: ATI HD6950 x2 (Crossfire does not work, obviously)
  • BIOS Version: 1902
Component Status:
  • Network: Works with Intel KEXT
  • USB: OOB
  • SATA: works
  • Audio: Works using Mutibeast and DSDT.aml
  • Restart/Shutdow: Works without issue
Install Method:
1. Used VMWare with a preinstalled image. Mounted my hard drive into VMWare and installed to physical drive.
  • ALC8xxHDA.kext
  • ApplHDA.kext rollback
  • Fakesmc.kext
  • AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext (Patched with SpeedStepper)
  • Intel E1000 NIC KEXT
P8Z68 DeluxeIntel (R) z68System Configuration:
  • Intel i7-2600K CPU
  • 8GB DDR3 RAM 1800Mhz
  • 1 HDD Hitachi 1.5TB SATA(VI)
  • Keyboard: chicony ps2 and Delux USB (both fully supported)
  • Mouse: Logitech MX 1000 (Full supported with Logitech drivers)
  • GPU: nVidia GTX 460 (ASUS) 1gb
  • BIOS Version: 0705
Component Status:
  • Network: Works with Intel KEXT
  • Realtek does not work
  • USB: OOB
  • SATA: works eSATA works
  • Audio: haven't been able to find a kext yet
  • Restart/Shutdow: Works without issue
  • Sleep: Works
Install Method:
1. Clean GM Install, then update. Dual booting with windows 7 UEFI installation without issue! Bootloader latest Chameleon with "GraphicsEnabler=Yes and npci=0x2000". (on external thumb drive couse of the efi boot) Sorry for my BAD english
  • Fakesmc.kext
  • AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext (Patched with SpeedStepper)
  • AppleIntelE1000e.kext
  • VoodooPS2Controller.kext (for ps2)
  • JMicron36xeSATA.kext (eSATA)
  • Smbios: iMac12.2 (for speedstep to work)
  • Speedstep WORKS
P7H55D - M EVOINTEL H55System Configuration:
  • CPU: Intel Core i3
  • GPU: Nvidia 9500GT 1GB(Out of Box)
  • RAM: 2x2GB DDR3 Corsair 1600Mhz
  • HDD: Seagate SATA (AHCI mode)
  • Keyboard: USB
  • Mouse: Magic Mouse
  • Dual Monitors using VGA and DVI from Single Video Card
Component Status:
  • All works
After using Mac App Store 10.7.1 I was able to use the 10.7.2 ComboUpdate. I've had no issues and I did not need to reapply any patches.
  • Chimera (from MultiBeast) + arch=x86_64
VoodooHDA from Multibeast. Edit .plist for Voodoo to reduce gain at boot. This patch was done at initial 10.7.1 install.
Maximus IV Extreme B3Intel (R) P67System Configuration:
  • Intel i7-2600K CPU
  • 16GB DDR3 RAM G.Skill Ripjaws X
  • 2 SDD Onyx SATA III
  • 2 HDD Western Digital Black (AHCI)
  • 1 HDD Western Digital Green (AHCI)
  • Optical drive: 1 SATA Blu-Ray
  • Keyboard: Razer Anasi (not fully working)
  • Mouse: Razer Naga (full support with drivers)
  • GPU: ATI HD6950
  • BIOS Version: 1902
Component Status:
  • Network: Works with multibeast
  • USB: OOB
  • SATA: works
  • Audio: Works using Mutibeast
  • Restart/Shutdow: Works without issue
Install Method:
1. Used Lion 10.7 GM USB Hack (google it)
2. Copied DMG to Snow Leopard mounted restored to flash drive
3. booted off flash drive and installed
4. boot into snow leopard ran "extra lion" to install on drive that had lion
5. downloaded Fake SMC put on lion drive
6. used multi beast for lion and installed cpu powermanagment to lion drive
7. boot into lion run multi beast for audio and network reboot
8. ran updates from software update

  • Fakesmc.kext (from web)
  • Multibeast for AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext, Audio Voodoo 2.7.3, network
  • Extra lion
P5KСIntel (R) P35Hardware:
  • Intel Core 2Duo E8200 2.66 GHz
  • 2x2GB DDR2 RAM Kingston 800 Mhz (Dual-Channel Interleaved mode)
  • WD Cavier Blue 300 GB SATA (AHCI)
  • Keyboard: USB
  • Mouse: USB
  • GPU: ZOTAC 320 mb 8800GTS
  • Monitors : Samsung 275T
  • BIOS : Modified 1203 BIOS with AHCI support
  • PSW : 450 W
  • AttansicL1.kext
  • Other kexts from iAtkos L1


Hardware NameChipsetNotesPatches Used32/64bit working withpatches
P35AIntel P35/ICH9
  • BIOS updated : 6B3F1P43
  • Intel Core 2 Duo E4500 2.2GHz
  • NVIDIA GTX275 896MB DDR3
  • 4GB RAM DDR2 1066Mhz
  • Install method - Installed from 8GB thumb drive
  • Update to 10.7.2 by using Software Update
  • Audio - Works
  • Video - Works
  • Ethernet - Works OoB
  • Sleep/Wakeup - Works
  • Shutdown/restart - Works


Hardware NameChipsetNotesPatches Used32/64bit working withpatches
EP45-UD3LIntel P45 ICH10Hardware:
  • Both Intel Core 2 Duo and Intel Core 2 Quad CPUs
  • Both nVidia 8600GT and 8400GS graphic cards
  • Vantec UGT-ST420R SATA PCI-e expansion card
  • Works with iATKOS L1 (Lion) installation CD (Check for it) Out-of-the-Box.
  • Much simpler to install with iATKOS L than with MultiBeast.
  • Works like a charm. Easier to install than Snow Leopard!
  • Choose Voodoo sound driver for sound.
  • With nVIDIA graphic cards, just use Graphics Enabler = Yes. Do not choose a graphics driver.
  • Sonnet SATA driver for Vantec SATA expansion card.
X58A-UD7Intel X58A ICH10Hardware:
  • Intel Core I7 1336
  • ATI Sapphire 5770
  • 10 GB DDR3 SDRAM
GA-G31M-ES2L rev 2.4Intel G31/ICH7System Configuration:
  • Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 @ 2.83 GHz
  • 8 GB (2x4GB) G.Skill DDR2 PC6400 RAM
  • 128 GB Crucial C300 SSD (Boot)
  • 1.5 TB Western Digital Caviar Green 5900 RPM HD (Storage)
  • EVGA GTX 460 1 GB SC GDDR5 1 GB PCI-e Graphics Card
  • On-Board Gigabit Ethernet
  • DWA-556 Xtreme N Wireless PCI-e Card
  • IOGear USB 2.0 Bluetooth 2.1 Adapter
  • HP Webcam 3100
  • OS X 10.7 Lion GM (MaLd0n's USB Install Guide) + Upgrade to 10.7.1 +10.7.2
  • DSDT Auto-Patcher, Multibeast (UserDSDT), Lnx2Mac RTL Kext, Gigabyte ALC8xx, Reinstall AppleHDA10.6.2.pkg, GraphicsEnabler=Yes, npci=0x2000
  • For all working specs, please visit My Blog
GA-Z68X-UD3-B3Intel Z68/ICH10Hardware:
  • Intel Core i7 2600k
  • 4 GB DDR3 Kingston Value RAM
  • 1 TB Samsung Spinpoint 7200RPM
  • MSI GTX 560 TI Twin Frozr ll
  • All drivers from Multibeast
  • For full QE/CI: added dev id to NVDAGF100HAL.kext, installed ATY_init.kext, set GraphicsEnabler to yes, npci=0x2000, followed this guide
  • DSDT from the Tonymacx86 DSDT Database


Hardware NameChipsetNotesPatches Used32/64bit working with patches


Hardware NameChipsetNotesPatches Used32/64bit workingwith patches
H55M-E33Intel H55System Configuration:
  • Intel Core i5-750
  • 4x2GB DDR3 1330MHz (Kingston)
  • ASUS GeForce EN210 Silent 512MB
  • Broadcom USB Bluetooth Adapter (0x016a, 0x050d) to connect my Magic Trackpad
I tried to upgrade my Snow Leopard Installation with tonymac86's guide but i failed.
The Installer-partition was not fully bootable until I copied my SL-/Extra onto it.
Afterwards Installation was possible and i did a fresh install.
Patches via Multibeast 4.0.3:
  • ALC8xxHDA + ALC889 HDAEnabler
  • 3rdParty SATA + eSATA + JMicron36x (not sure if needed)
  • ElliotForceLegacyRTC
  • FakeSMC
  • Lnx2Mac's RealtekRTL81xx
  • Chimera v1.5.4 r1394
  • Kernelflags: npci=0x2000 GraphicsEnabler=yes (for full QE/CI with Asus GeForce EN210 Silent)
  • To fix the CMOS reset after sleep look here
  • To fix "reboot after wake" make sure you tick the two boxes in energy preferences: "automatic restart on power failure" and "automatic restart on freeze"(!)
  • BIOS: Suspend mode S3
  • Also had to disable wake by USB, otherwise Magic Trackpad (or the bluetooth adapter) wakes the system after going to sleep (is there a fix?)

[edit]Graphics Cards

Please specify if your card is AGP, Integrated, PCI or PCI-E.
Also, place chip and board manufacturer in their respective column.



ModelBoard-ManufacturerNotesQEOutputDual display32/64bit working
6870XFXNative SupportTick.pngVGA/DVI/HDMITick.pngTick.pngTick.png
6870SapphireSapphire 11179-09-20G HD 6870 1GB GDDR5 Native SupportTick.pngVGA/DVI/HDMITick.pngTick.pngTick.png
HD6950 2048MBXFXWorks with Netkas 6970 fix and flashed to 6970 BIOS. UVD does not currently work (iTunes cover flow)Tick.pngDVINot TestedTick.pngTick.png
HD5870 1024MB Vapor-XSapphireOOBTick.pngDVINot TestedTick.pngTick.png
Radeon HD 4350 512MB DDR2HISFollow this tutorialTick.pngDVITick.pngTick.pngTick.png
Radeon HD 4850 512MBSapphireNeeded "Legacy4800Controller.kext" in the E/E. Occasional glitches (static on screen for a few seconds) when returning from sleep.GraphicsEnabler=YesTick.pngDVITick.pngTick.pngTick.png
RADEON HD6850 1024MB DDR5SapphireOOB (to enable hdmi audio


ModelBoard-ManufacturerNotesQEOutputDual display32/64bit
8400 GS 512MB DDR3ZotacWorks with GraphicsEnabler=y , see tutorialTick.pngDVI/DVI/HDMITick.pngTestedTick.pngTestedCross.pngNot Tested Yet
9600M GS 512MBWorks with GraphicsEnabler=yes npci=0x2000Tick.pngHDMITick.pngTick.pngTick.png
8400 GS 256 or 512MBPNYWorks with GraphicsEnabler=yTick.pngDVI/DVI/mHDMITick.pngTick.pngTick.png
GeForce 210 512mb GDDR3ASUSGraphicsEnabler=Yes npci=0x2000Tick.pngVGA/DVI/HDMITick.pngTick.pngTick.png
GeForce EN210 SILENT/DI/512MD2(LP)ASUSGraphicsEnabler=Yes npci=0x2000Tick.pngVGA/DVI/HDMITick.pngTick.pngTick.png
GeForce 9500GTinno3d1 GB model with NVEnabler 64.kextTick.pngVGA/DVI/HDMITick.pngCross.pngTick.png
GeForce GTX 460 1GBGainwardGraphicsEnabler=Yes npci=0x2000Tick.pngDVINot TestedTick.pngTick.png
GeForce GTX 460 SC 1GBEVGAGraphicsEnabler=Yes npci=0x2000Tick.pngDVI/DVI/mHDMITick.pngTick.pngTick.png
GTX 560 ti 1GBMSIadded device id to NVDAGF100hal.kext, installed ATY_init.kext, GraphicsEnabler=Yes, npci=0x2000, followed this guideTick.pngDVI/DVI/mHDMITick.pngTick.pngTick.png
GeForce 9800GT 1GB???G92 Enabler from iAtkos L1Tick.pngVGA/DVI/HDMITick.pngTick.pngTick.png

[edit]Network Cards


Interface↓Standard ↓Device ↓Manufacturer↓Chipset ↓Notes ↓32/64bit working withpatch ↓
PCI-eWireless-N 300MBpsDWA-556D-LinkBroadcomWorks OOBTick.pngTick.png
USBb/g/nTEW-649UBTRENDnetDownload 10.6 Installer from [2]Tick.pngTick.png
PCI802.11G(108G)DWL-G520D-LinkAtherospatched IO80211Family.kextTick.pngTick.png
PCIWireless-N 300MBpsTL-WN851N 32-bit PCI Omni Directional, 2 Detachable AntennasTP-LinkBroadcomWorks OOB as native Airport Extreme card in ALL VERSIONS of OS X since 10.5... amazing! Look at it here on the manufacturer's website

[edit]Wired (Ethernet)

Interface ↓Standard ↓Device ↓Manufacturer ↓Notes ↓32/64bit working with patch ↓
PCI1000/100/10TP-3269TP-LinkWorks OOBTick.pngTick.png

[edit]Sound Cards

Interface ↓Hardware Name ↓Manufacturer ↓Notes ↓32/64bit working with patch ↓
USBSound Blaster X-Fi Go PRO USB Sound CardCreative LabsPlug'n'PlayTick.pngTick.png

[edit]Other Accessories

Type of AccessoryItem DescriptionManufacturerNotes32/64bit working withpatch
Vantec UGT-ST420RSATA expansion card (additional SATA connections). RAID capableVantecUse SONNET TEMPO SATA E2P Driver for the card. Works like a charm.Tick.pngTick.png

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